Custom production

Custom production

EPS foam polystyrene is utilised in other areas apart from the building industry. Owing to its excellent qualities it is commonly used as a part of wrapping systems, fixation elements, decorations, advertising inscriptions, etc.

Our company ranks among producers with a long tradition of production of various atypical pieces to be produced without high investment into acquisition of shaped piece producing tools.
Experience in the area of contour cutting of EPS allows us to produce various elements in accordance with the client’s requirements.

The technology of contour cutting is suitable for both repeat orders and individual piece orders.

Other application elements are facade profiles, decorative strips and pieces, advertising inscriptions, theatre and film decorations and many others.

An integral part of our program is production of 3-D models produced as a combination of putting together, gluing, or drilling separate pieces.

To protect the products in their manipulation and transport to the place of destination we use boards of foam polystyrene. They are very suitable for automated production lines launching totally wrapped products.
If the wrapping for a requested product is not demanding in its shape and finish or is not unrestricted in the number of pieces produced and it is not economical to produce a mould, we take the option of its production by a special cutting saw for EPS.