Declaration of performance

It refers to the Regulation no. 305/2011 (CPR) and is developed by the manufacturer if the construction product is covered by a harmonized European standard or if this product complies with the European Technical Assessment (ETA).

The declaration of performance is obligatory in all EU countries and must be connected to the CE marking when placing a product on the market. Manufacturer also bears responsibility for the information contained therein. They must be issued in the official language(s) of the State of destination. Competent authorities assume that this statement is true, eg., that the products were manufactured and tested in compliance with one of the applicable procedures (systems) of evaluation and verification of performance constancy.

Requirements and content of the DoP are stated in Article 6 and Annex III to the CPR. The manufacturer shall also include the intended use of the product in the statement as well as define the characteristics (level, classes) in accordance with harmonized technical specifications.


Building insulation EPS

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