Building systems

The production and distribution of the following building systems are important parts of the building segment

Medmax is a wall forming system of lost formwork made of thermic insulation of EPS or of the improved material Extra plus. This system is an affordable and ecological option for building of houses with thermic insulation. It is intended mainly for production of passive and low-energy houses. Maxplus and Maxplus Aku is a new and modern building technology based on the Medmax system. The main advantages of this system are maximum thermic protection of buildings, environmental friendliness, affordable price and energy savings.

The MED system is efficiently used as lost formwork for building of pools of any shape or for foundation footings and walls. It is a very simple, fast and efficient possible building option.
The technology of building systems fulfills the highest requirements for thermic protection of buildings in relation to increasing energy costs. The use of the building systems brings the advantage of easy construction ready to be carried out during the whole year.

The building works can be performed without strain, construction elements are precise and light, so there is no need for heavy equipment or classic masonry.