Technical parts for automotive

For their capacity of excellent absorption of crash energy, firmness and low weight of material, both EPS and EPP are widely used in the automotive area as materials for filling or security pieces.

Most frequently, the technical parts made of EPS and EPP are used as built-in parts in various parts of automobiles. The entire series of pieces produced by our company delivered to various automotive producers is not visible in the car at first sight, however, they provide an important contribution to improvement of passive security and protection of passengers in the automobile and to reduction of fuel consumption.

EPS and EPP are especially suitable for construction of pieces in the car reducing the overall weight of the car and thus to decrease both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions’ release into the atmosphere. As an example there is the seat core where EPP materials succeeded in substituting for metal and thus lowered the overall weight of the vehicle.
The most frequent examples of EPP use in cars are pieces for the door area, bumpers, head rests, sun shields, trunk, seats, etc.

We can also provide for the client a product in a special material with requirements for acoustic silencing in the car interior and to enhance its acoustic qualities. The EPP material can be combined with metal or plastic pieces as early as in pressing. Once the pieces are produced it is also possible to perform additional arrangements such as drilling in fastening dowels or various assembly catches, allowing for faster assemblage of pieces in assembly lines.