Parts for heating and air condition

In the area of heating and air conditioning technology the moulded pieces are used as thermic insulation and protection after their installation, and also as protection of pump components and of regulators in transportation to the end client.

By exact moulding, the heat losses are reduced to a minimum and at the same time they help in damping the pump noise. Since individual pieces are construed as detachable, they are easily accessible for various repairs and regular maintenance, even after being put in place.

EPS or EPP materials in this area mark success in such products as air conditioning and recuperation units, regulation and pump units, heat and ventilation parts and piping and accumulation storage tanks.

Based on clients’ requirements the company participated in design and production of EPP elements for recuperation units. The pieces reach above-standard dimensions and complexity. The EPP material is, owing to its qualities, ideal for construction of ventilation equipment. In addition to perfect insulation qualities it contributes to quenching vibrations and noise in the units. The recuperation units utilising EPP are very light despite their size and it makes their assemblage easier.