Technical parts

Our success is given from long-term experience with processing these materials and at the same time from great flexibility to the requirements of our clients.

The most important part of our technical pieces is intended for the automotive area; however, we focus also on production of pieces for heating and air conditioning equipment. Other areas to use EPS and EPP are furniture, design, sport and leisure time.

We can produce a 3D study for the client and present the product including all dimension and shape specifications. We can suggest the entire design of a new product based only on elementary requirements, such as an outer dimension.

We also provide for production of milled prototypes that can be used by the client to check the function ability of the pieces and to find out dimension specifications. The purpose of the prototype is to be able to try a product before it is decided to be produced.

The technical pieces are produced in automated machines delivered by the companies Erlenbach and Hirsch. These machines shape the basic material EPS or EPP by means of press form availing of low energy requirements and waste free technology. Each piece of the machine equipment has a different size of working area, from 800 x 600 mm to the so-far largest, 1900 x 1400 mm, with an automatic system of collection and deposit of ready products.