Building system MED MAX

Medmax is a system of wall forming lost formwork made of thermic insulation of expanded polystyrene EPS or the improved material Extra Plus. This system is the affordable and environmentally friendly option for buildings with thermic insulation. It is intended for passive and low-energy houses.

For passive and low-energy houses

Medmax consists of special polystyrene moulded pieces and removable plastic partitions uniting the moulded pieces into one system. The moulded bricks are similar in their appearance and function to the Lego building set. Equally as in this children’s building set the construction is implemented through connecting polystyrene moulded bricks which fit one into another using the lock system

Subsequently the entire wall is filled in by poured concrete and the result is an insulated structure with both inner and outer wall insulation. The surface finish can be carried out in several manners, e.g. as plaster, lining or plasterboard.
Advantages of the Medmax system:  
  • Quick and easy building (also DIY)
  • Excellent insulation qualities
  • Self-extinguishing qualities
  • Building work possible all year long because concrete is poured into the insulation moulded pieces from both sides
  • Long lifetime
  • No thermic bridges, rising damp, moulds, both enviromental and hygienic compatibility is ensured
  • Material is easily handled during building - lightweight material
  • Low energy costs and related enviromental protection