Packaging materials EPP

Due to its exceptional qualities, EPP wrappings acquired the reputation
of reliable and quality products meeting high requirements.

Environmentally friendly packages

EPP absorbs repeated shocks very well, it is light, firm and has a very good dimensional memory and is resistant to water and common chemicals.

It is used as thermic and acoustic insulation and is easily recyclable and environmentally friendly.

When compared to EPS it resists higher temperatures, is significantly more resistant to mechanical load, it is distinguished by higher flexibility and shape memory.
In the area of wrappings, EPP products are mostly used in the automotive industry where they are used for transport boxes for assembly lines.
The boxes are reusable, washable, easily stackable and once the project is over they can be easily recycled.

Other applications are protective wrappings or thermoboxes for storage and keeping of drinks or food in the right temperature.

We have been cooperating for more than 15 years with JSP who are the leading producer and supplier of ARPRO on a worldwide scale.